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a different perspective.

so... what do you offer now?

observational photography

observation involves immersing ourselves in listening and looking, taking in sounds, sights, and smells in a careful & unbiased manner -- artists see the world differently; from nature to urban spaces, to people and objects, we notice the direction of light, capturing the softness of shadow and color.

some session ideas


get cooking.

there is a reason food is love in most cultures -- what is it you make?

lazy day jams.

breakfast in bed featuring bedhead and dance parties -- count me in.

be creative.

arts & crafts, projects, painting, drawing, make music or write letters.


capture something that won't last.

take a hike.

let's go for walk together -- hiking the great outdoors or your neighborhood.

fur babies.

if you know, you know.

initial consultation

30 minutes of photography

10-15 fully edited images

online gallery delivery

digital downloads

no discount off prints

simple session

initial consultation

1-2 hours of photography

35+ fully edited images

online gallery delivery

digital downloads

10% discount off prints

classic session

initial consultation

3-4 hours of photography

over 100 fully edited images

online gallery delivery

digital downloads

15% discount off prints

supreme session

(does not apply to weddings)

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