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Sarah Wiley Joyce

Visual Artist

she/her. sagittarius. mama. wife. human.

A Bit About Me

For the last decade, I've been working as a professional photographer; capturing weddings, couples, & families all across my state.

In 2017 I had opened my dream art studio and in 2019,  covid promptly took over and forced me to close it.


The last couple years have been weird for everyone on the planet. The big pause. The isolation. The anxiety. It has changed us all. 

Feeling triggered, I chose to pick up the paintbrush -- art has always been my escape. My coping mechanism that quiets the world.

Can I survive selling artwork & paintings alone? I don't know.

Will I still take photos? Yes -- but with some changes.*

What happens next? No f*cking clue.

What I DO know:

I'm a loving mother to THREE human boys.

I'm a mediocre housewife who loves being married to my best friend.

The rest? I'm figuring the rest out. 

work experience




SRW Joyce Photography // Syracuse, NY

- Owner & Photographer

- Offering clients a fresh take on creative family + lifestyle photography.

- All photography and post processing is done by Sarah Wiley Joyce.

SRW Joyce Photography & Art Studio // Mattydale, NY

- Offered art classes, birthday parties, photography, & more.

- Closed at the peak of covid-19 with no plans of reopening.

Forest Folk Academy // Central New York

- Head of Visual Design & Parenting Consultant


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